Barbara Borden

I’m originally from America but have lived in the Netherlands since I was 22. For years I worked as a professional singer with the Netherlands Chamber Choir. Several years ago the choir was faced with drastic funding cuts and my “contract for life” was terminated. It was then that I started looking for other useful ways to spend my time.

What followed was a long search, within myself as well as in the “real world”. Any of us who has been thinking about a career change has asked himself the questions “Who am I?”, “What am I good at?” and “What do I want?” I signed up for job banks, did courses and went to workshops.  I soon discovered that there were many different things which excited me, and many things I was good at, but choosing one thing – that was a whole other story!

Then I realized that I didn’t have to choose! Wouldn’t it be a shame if, by concentrating on one area, I would have to exclude other enjoyable and useful pursuits. I also discovered that all the areas I was interested in had two things in common: they all had to do either with taking care – precision, sorting and organizing – or with giving care – helping people (or animals), and being useful. And so I came up with this unique combination of services, where these two aspects of my personality overlap and where I can make the best use of these important qualities.

Bborden Personal Services the only company which offers bilingual pet care and a singing organizer!